An internet medical online support that gives you the opportunity to have medical advice from a team of Portuguese Doctors for any health concern or query. For more serious conditions you can apply for MY APRIL CARE second opinion from leading USA hospitals.

How do I apply?

MY APRIL CARE is an exclusive benefit for individuals and their families who hold an Protecção Hipotecária policy issued by APRIL Portugal. If you hold such a policy activate your account and submit your medical query to the MY APRIL CARE medical team.

Who will reply to me?

For any health concern, an answer will be provided by MY APRIL CARE medical team.In more serious cases, a specialist from a top USA hospital shall provide you with a professional second opinion.

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my APRIL CARE is committed to empowering its subscribed families with vital and useful health support. Please contact the my APRIL CARE medical team with your feedback and comments.

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